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Developing novel structural composites from recycled materials

There is an increasing need to recycle composite materials and reuse these materials in other applications fuelled by global demand for clean, non-toxic alternative building supplies and methods. This project seeks to develop and optimise 100% recycled polymeric content novel structural composite materials for use in equine fencing systems. This involves quantifying and understanding the material properties of the recycled feedstock materials, and modelling and measuring the structural performance of the novel composite and prototype fencing system. Through definition of a manufacturing and performance specification of the novel composite, consideration of the material for wider structural applications will be possible.

Eco2 Enterprises LLP

ECO2 specializes in waste management and recycling, efficiently and successfully diverting away from landfill. They are a sister group company to Equestrian Surfaces, securing supply channels for raw materials and developing cost effective equine related products and technologies for Equestrian Surfaces' products.

Project supervision

  • Eco2 enterprises LLP
  • University of Lancaster

Tue 17 July 2012