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Development of visible and mid Infra-red solid state light emitting diodes to replace inefficient incandescent airfield lighting

LED based lights are becoming desirable as replacements for incandescent lamps in airfield lighting applications, driven by the need for power economy, reliability and legislation. However, Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EVFS) employ an indium antimonide photodetector, which is sensitive in the range 1.5 to 5 microns and use the mid IR emission from the incandescent lighting. EFVS cannot 'see' visible LED replacements. This project will investigate the fabrication and characterisation of state-of-the-art semiconductor materials and novel LED devices, leading towards further development to achieve the same spectral output characteristics as incandescent lighting.

Oxley Developments Company Limited

Oxley is a global company, specialising in the design and manufacture of electronic and electro-optic systems and components. They are respected as a world class supplier of quality solutions for defence, aerospace, rail, electronics and telecommunications applications, as well as experts in lighting systems, filters and data capture solutions.

Researcher: Jonathan Hayton

Originally from County Durham, Jonathan Hayton graduated with a Masters degree in Physics from Lancaster University in 2012. Whilst completing his undergraduate degree, Jonathan took a keen interest in student politics and spent 3 years representing science and technology students. Jonathan remains at Lancaster University with a particular focus on solid state physics.

Project supervision

  • Oxley Developments Company Ltd
  • Lancaster University

Tue 17 July 2012