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Intelligent communication management and control architecture for smart grid

Traditional electric power infrastructure is rapidly approaching its limitations, as a result it restrains the level of satisfaction for both the customer and supplier. A smart grid is an integration of information and communication technologies to support and augment the performance of existing electrical power networks. This project aims to develop a novel smart grid communication architecture where it enables the power grid to transfer power and information in all directions; improving the efficiency of the process and opening the door to more reliable, cleaner, secure, cost effective, resilient and responsive power transfer.

HW Communications Limited

HW Communications (HWC) specialises in transferring know-how from the laboratory to the marketplace. Following 20 years of excellence in the development of communication systems with experience in more than 50 high profile government projects, HWC drives the state of the art in secure and resilient communications.

Researcher: Yakubo Tsado

Yakubu Tsado obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria, before moving to Lancaster University, where he received his Masters in Mobile Broadband Communication Engineering in 2010. His studies at Lancaster lead him to pursue his interest in smart grid technology

Project supervision

  • HW Communications Ltd
  • University of Lancaster

Mon 16 July 2012