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Development of sustainability in the construction industry

There is a growing awareness of the importance to consider the embodied and lifecycle carbon emissions of building materials, underlined by the fact that construction in the UK represents 7% of carbon emissions. However, there are few assessment tools currently available and many of these are overly simplistic and are of limited use to developers. This project aims to develop embodied and lifecycle carbon tools by linking ethnographic methods with software development and market penetration. The outcome will better prepare the construction sector for the impending changes in legislation and business, and drive the development of sustainability in the construction industry.

Phlorum Limited

Phlorum is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy, offering advice, monitoring and assessment services to compliment the requirements of all aspects of environmental and sustainability issues affecting businesses and the development planning process. This includes collaborative research and software solutions; helping the public and private sector to understand and manage their environmental effects.

Researcher: Emily Jervis

Emily Jervis graduated from the University of East Anglia with a degree in Politics. Following two years with a local authority and a sustainable construction company, she completed an MSc in Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology, fuelling her interest in the environmental impact of construction and integrating sustainability into the industry.

Project supervision

  • Phlorum
  • University of Liverpool

Fri 13 July 2012