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Development of environmentally friendly water treatment additives

The impact of poorly protected and consequently inefficient systems in both the domestic and industrial arena on energy usage, and hence the environment, is well documented. The current market leading water treatment additives rely very heavily on 'inorganic' molecules, and as such are coming under greater scrutiny with respect to toxicity, discharge and disposal. This project will focus on the development of new, environmentally acceptable water treatment additives to replace the existing inhibitors used to control corrosion in closed systems. The outcome will fill the current need for an essential green alternative

Sentinel Performance Solutions Limited

Sentinel is an expert at maximising energy efficiency in heating systems and minimising carbon emissions. They supply a comprehensive range of heat transfer fluids, cleaners, biocides and test kits for renewable energy technologies, in addition to a range of corrosion and scale inhibitors, cleaners and test kits for traditional central heating and under floor heating systems. Sentinel is endorsed by all leading heating and equipment manufactures and is working to reduce CO2 with the Carbon Trust.

Researcher: Vesela Pobornikova-Pereira

A Bulgarian child's dream to make the world a better and cleaner place has led Vesela Pobornikova-Pereira to study chemistry and environmental sciences for more than 12 years in 4 different countries. Her path led her to the University of Liverpool, where she is working to make this dream come true.

Project supervision

  • Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd
  • University of Liverpool

Fri 13 July 2012