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Sustainable marine resource management

Inshore waters traditionally provided coastal communities with their main livelihood, through the use of fisheries, tourism and recreation. The sustainability of such coastal communities has been undermined by intensive exploitation and increased degradation of inshore environments. This project will develop and test a tool-box of techniques to assess the sustainability of human activities in the inshore marine environment. The initial focus will be on biological sustainability of shellfish resources; however, the project will also consider the social and economic aspects of sustainability by means of consultation with local stakeholders regarding the issues that they face.

Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies Limited (CMACS)

CMACS provide ecological and environmental survey, analysis and interpretation, Environmental Impact Assessment, the development and implementation of mitigation and monitoring programmes, and advice on the management of living resources. They have recognised specialists in aspects such as deep-sea benthic ecology, fish communities and marine mammal observations.

Researcher: Sophia Kochalski

Sophia Kochalski holds a BA in European Studies and an MSc in Fishery Science and Aquaculture. Her academic path brought her from German freshwater ecosystems to stock assessment in Spain, the feeding of Greenlandic cod and European discard management, and finally to sustainable inshore resources in the UK.

Project supervision

  • Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies Ltd (CMACS)
  • University of Liverpool

Thu 12 July 2012