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Smart car parking system

More than half of the world's population lives in cities, increasing urbanization and creating challenges such as resource depletion and increased greenhouse emissions. The challenge exists to foster economic prosperity while lowering the carbon footprint and increasing the quality of life at the same time. Connected Liverpool's main activities are based around the creation of its Smart City Big Data Platform which gives the 1.5m citizens of the Liverpool City Region access to user-centred applications accessible through a wide range of devices including cars, tablets, smartphones, desktops, cell phones and TVs.

Connected Liverpool

Connected Liverpool aims to transform Liverpool into the first smart city in the UK. Driven by the need for behavioural change, an increased quality of life, and the desire to enable citizens to achieve more, it aims to tackle the many socio-economic problems Liverpool is facing with the use of cutting edge technology.

Researcher: Xi Sizhe

Xi Sizhe's academic career has taken him from a BA in Electronics and Communication Engineering at East China Jiao Tong University, to an MSc in Applied Computer Science from Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, to finally fostering his keen interest in communication and sensor technology at the University of Liverpool.

Project supervision

  • Connected Liverpool (Registered as App Tours UK LTD)
  • University of Liverpool

Thu 12 July 2012