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Development of advanced controller to improve the efficiency of wind turbines

Modern wind turbines are experiencing rapid growth in both physical size and rated capacity. Wind turbines require a reliable and efficient pitch angle controller to regulate power output and to dampen structure flexing due to the usage of lighter construction materials. This project will design an improved pitch angle controller for wind turbines based on the Speedflo plasma controller to maximise energy conversion efficiency and minimise mechanical load of the drive train.

Gencoa Limited

Gencoa is a plasma process and control specialist that has 15 years experience in the plasma PVD (physical vapour deposition) industry. Gencoa's process control system, Speedflo, has been installed in over 200 locations worldwide and is an integral component in the manufacture of a variety of technology applications.

Researcher: Liuying Li

Liuying Li is a first class Bachelor graduate from Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University, where she studied within a combined Chinese and British educational system. She moved fromn XJTLU to the University of Liverpool to develop herself within the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation, where she enjoys the combination of study and career opportunity.

Project supervision

  • Gencoa Ltd. (136)
  • University of Liverpool

Thu 12 July 2012