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An intelligent web App-based IT solution for monitoring and controlling energy, water and waste usage in buildings

The UK government has launched an initiative to deploy smart meters across the country by 2020 to help consumers manage their energy use, save money and reduce CO2 emissions with real-time information on their energy consumption. This project will develop an easy-to-use and low-cost web based IT solution for remotely monitoring and controlling the on-site usage of energy and water in domestic and commercial buildings, including multi-tenanted properties. Fully exploring the benefits of smart meters, the ambition is to reduce energy and water consumption whilst increasing the recycling of waste.

Inteb Sustainability Limited

Inteb provides integrated energy and sustainability services and solutions to a wide range of real estate clients in both public and private sectors. Their services include energy and carbon management, bureau services, energy engineering design, project management, building compliance, energy training, green deal solutions, low larbon solutions and green energy.

Researcher: Yanghao Wang

Yanghao Wang was born in Jiangsu, China. After receiving a BEng in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in 2012, he remained at the University of Liverpool to refine his focus on smart grid and building control.

Project supervision

  • Initeb Sustainability Limited
  • University of Liverpool

Thu 12 July 2012