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Hydrodynamic modelling and assessment of coastal and estuarine tidal energy

Take up of renewable power technologies is driven by economics. Green-Tide's philosophy is to reduce capital costs and on-going operation and maintenance costs, thereby reducing the cost of the energy produced. One of the major barriers to the installation of river and tidal turbines in the UK is the environmental impact studies needed on a site by site basis. The aim of this project is to review existing requirements and look to standardise the approach. This will then be used to help Green-Tide develop their turbine designs with the aim of achieving 'type approval' for installation of their turbines in any UK river.

Green-Tide Turbines Limited

Green-Tide Turbines are developing innovative water turbine technology for extraction of energy from rivers and tidal streams. Their main products are ducted axial turbines designed for hydro-kinetic applications and weir turbines converting existing weir structures into mini hydro-electric power stations at minimal cost.

Researcher: Laura O'Keefe

Laura O'Keefe graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Marine Biology. Her academic path has led her to live and work on a self-sustained nature reserve, become a project manager for the British Science Association, and conduct market and technology research for a sustainable energy company.

Project supervision

  • Green Tide Turbines Ltd
  • University of Liverpool

Thu 12 July 2012