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The recovery, re-use and sustainable treatment (via artificial aquifers) of glycols at airports

Regulatory authorities require aircraft de-icing for safety purposes involving the use of glycol-based de-icing fluids; the raw material waste is high with a decidedly negative environmental impact. This project aims to utilize the fundamental concept of 'recover, reuse and recycle' to resolve the issue. Consequently, the project will develop and test a novel artificial aquifer at 'outside laboratory scale', whereby the residual run off from the stand areas contaminated with glycol will be degraded in an aquifer rather than discharged to sewer. This achieves a multi-functional, holistic approach to dealing with one of the most challenging environmental issues airports face.

Peak Associates Environmental Consultants Limited

Peak Associates Environmental Consultants offer clients a full range of environmentally sound and sustainable solutions; surface water audits, pollution prevention studies, geotechnical, and contaminated land studies, drainage design and effluent studies, legal defence and mitigation, wastewater treatment and airport impact assessments of winter operations.

Researcher: Andy Freeman

With the completion of an Environmental Studies degree in 2010, Andy Freeman worked for Peak Associates Environmental Consultants as a Graduate Consultant until 2012. His interests lie in pollution prevention projects, monitoring sites to ensure regulatory compliance and assisting in the feasibility and design of wastewater treatment systems.

Project supervision

  • Peak Associates Ltd.
  • Lancaster University

Fri 06 July 2012