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An eco-city mobile application

Smart mobile technologies have become increasingly widespread in use and capability. Mobile phone apps, for instance, are increasingly important. This project involves working with two experienced partners in the field to develop a city information system, accessible to mobile devices, that effectively integrates ecologically appropriate services such as those for recycling. It would also enhance and encourage ecologically sound activity by supporting integration of systems such as those for public transport.

Red Ninja Limited

With over 40 years combined experience within the games and technology industry, Red Ninja is a creative technologies company that is earning a reputation for its innovative use of technology. The company has vast experience developing on multiple mobile platforms and are always looking into new and emerging technologies.

Researcher: Michael Pumford

Michael Pumford has worked in digital imaging and education for more than 17 years, with a background in computer science, graphic design and fine art. He thrives on the opportunity to bring all of these areas together to produce something innovative for the global marketplace that delivers positive environmental impacts

Project supervision

  • Red Ninja Ltd.
  • Liverpool University

Fri 06 July 2012