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A molecular approach to understanding the processes of microbial enhanced oil recovery

There is a distinct lack of research and information within the area of oil field samples, paricularly the utilization of microbiological techniques to enhance the recovery of trapped oil. Through the use of culturing and metagenomic analysis, the project aims to identify and quantify the bacterial presence of oil samples and create a genomic database of the primary bacteria involved in microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR), that can be scaled-up for commercial use. The project will look at multiple worldwide oil formations and assess microbial activity in relation to the chemical and physical properties, and its effect on MEOR. Furthermore, sequencing of each microcosm will allow for the identification of genes expressed in relation to MEOR.

BiSN Technologies Limited

BiSN provides independent consultancy to the upstream oil and gas industry. The field and laboratory based team provides innovative solutions using biological, chemical and mechanical techniques. With the range of chemical and biological solutions available, BiSN provide clients with enhanced production, reduced operating and maintenance costs with the aim of increasing asset life and value.

Researcher: Sean Goodman

Sean Goodman obtained a BSc Honours in Biomedical Sciences at Leeds Metropolitan University before studying for an MRes in Molecular Oncology at the University of Liverpool, achieving a distinction in 2012. During these years of study Sean developed a passion for academic research, with interests in microbiology, biochemistry and oncology.

Project supervision

  • BiSN Technologies Ltd
  • University of Liverpool

Tue 26 June 2012