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An integrated radar system for sustainable port operations and coastal resource management

Changing coastal morphology arising from climate change, storms, sedimentation and hydrodynamics affect port operations and the ability to manage coastal resources in a sustainable way. This project will investigate radar systems that address coastal navigation, safety, security, fuel efficiency, and sustainable resource use. The solutions enable decision-makers to ensure that vessel traffic and maintenance operations are safe and resource efficient.

Ledwood Technology Limited

After making waves in the vessel traffic monitoring industry, Ledwood Technology have branched out to fulfil their green vision. Contributing to offshore-wind projects by providing simulation data and analysis reports for environmental impact assessments, they now seek to help ports and vessel operators reduce C02 emissions by increasing vessel operational efficiency.

Researcher: Cai Bird

Cai Bird graduated from the University of Liverpool with a first class degree in Physical Geography and is now working with Ledwood Technology. on the development of a novel radar system. His research interests include coastal geomorphology, anthropogenic resource use and the effects of human activity on the environment.

Project supervision

  • Ledwood Technology Ltd
  • Liverpool University

Mon 25 June 2012