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Development of fluorescent magnetic particle tracking and sediment tracing technology

"Particle tracking" or "sediment tracing" is used in a wide range of terrestrial, aquatic and marine environments to monitor the movement of particulates, and associated nutrients, contaminates and microbes, through space and time. This project will develop a unique fluorescent magnetic particle tracking methodology. The method will then be applied to examine source-sink relationships, the nature and location of the transport pathway(s) and the rate of transport in marine and terrestrial environments.

Partrac Consulting Limited

Partrac Consulting is an arm of Partrac Ltd. Innovative and dynamic principally in the field of marine consultancy, they offer a variety of professional services complemented by experts in the fields of coastal oceanography, numerical hydrodynamic and sediment transport modelling, marine geotechnics and benthic marine biology.

Researcher: Jack Poleykett

Jack Poleykett's passion for marine research ignited as an undergraduate. He recently achieved an MSc in Environmental Consultancy with distinction at Plymouth University. He jumped at the chance to work with an industrial partner to further his passion and develop his skills and knowledge in the field.

Project supervision

  • Partrac Consulting Ltd
  • Lancaster University

Fri 22 June 2012