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Development of product and supply chain assessment and design tools for packaging products

Packaging plays a crucial role in delivering quality products to customers. However, it is also associated with waste, cost and negative ecological impacts on the environment. This project aims to develop a tool set to support the design of greener packaging products and their supply chain. Strategies will be developed to facilitate maximum reuse of packaging products through the customised reverse logistics for improved sustainability and meet customised market needs. The amount and weight of existing materials will be significantly reduced or, ultimately, the need for existing protective wrappings on products in transit will be eliminated.

Weir & Carmichael Limited

Weir & Carmichael is a family run firm, which believes packaging should be bought for a purpose and not used wastefully. They have developed a range of packaging products branded as "Britwrap", designed to protect products in transit whilst significantly reducing packaging costs, waste, damaged returns and encouraging correct manual handling.

Researcher: Jing Shi

After graduating from Northeastern University in China with BEng in Automation, Jing Shi worked as a Trainee and Quality Engineer in a pump manufacturer for 2 years. His interest sparked in product development and manufacturing operations, he achieved a MSc(Eng) in Product Design and Management at the University of Liverpool.

Project supervision

  • Weir & Carmichael Ltd.
  • Liverpool University

Wed 13 June 2012