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Understanding stress responses in crop plants - developing crop-specific management tools

Climate change and its impact on agriculture has fuelled a need for crop-specific management tools, which would have a positive global impact by allowing farmers to produce more reliable crop yields with less seasonal variation using lower levels of inputs. This project will investigate how different stress responses in plants interact and what differences there are in interactions between key crops. This is vital in order to produce reliable broad-spectrum new products for farmers to manage stress response via foliar sprays.

Levity Crop Science Limited

Levity CropScience is dedicated to research of sustainable chemistry in order to invent and develop products that can address the challenges that face farmers today. They aim to help farmers produce more and better crops, with less resource, ultimately helping to move agriculture around the world towards sustainability.

Researcher: Anna Weston

Anna Weston achieved a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security at Lancaster University and undertook an industrial student placement with Levity CropScience. Anna's PhD research focusses on plant physiology, specifically on abiotic stress tolerance, subsequent hormonal responses and their regulation to improve growth.

Project supervision

  • Levity Crop Science
  • Lancaster University

Wed 13 June 2012