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Optimising the performance of particulate adsorbents for electrochemical water treatment

Arvia Technology's patented, multi-award winning, sustainable technology uses a process of adsorption and electrochemical regeneration to destroy aqueous, organic contaminants. Currently delivering a solution to untreatable radioactive organics in the nuclear industry, the next target market is water purification. The aims of the project are to understand the material properties of the unique adsorbent, the adsorbent behaviour and to optimise it for water treatment; improving the general efficiency of the process, opening the door to the highly valuable water purification market, and underpinning the eco-innovative service that will deliver numerous environmental benefits.

Arvia Technology Limited

Arvia Technology is lead by a globally recognised team of blue-chip management, researchers and academics and has built a reputation as a significant and trusted global supplier to a wide range of industries.

Researcher: Jacob Whittle

Jacob Whittle graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in Chemistry, and a passion for research into materials and analytical chemistry. He has since had several research outputs published in the RSC's Chemical Communications journal, and is currently settled in the Engineering community at Lancaster University.

Project supervision

  • Arvia Technology Ltd
  • Lancaster University

Tue 12 June 2012