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The occurrence, fate and remediation of pharmaceuticals in surface waters

A wide range of medicines, illicit drugs and antibiotics are increasingly reported in environmental surveys of waste effluents and surface waters. While the source of these chemicals is principally wastewater treatment works, diffusive sources such as runoff from agricultural areas are also important. This project will develop state-of-the-art analytical methods for a number of priority compounds to undertake environmental surveys and chemical fate studies, leading to improved understanding of pharmaceutical behaviour in contrasting aquatic environments. The development of enhanced remediation techniques are an important objective of this project.

Bowland Analytical Support Limited

Bowland Analytical Support offers services to laboratories in the environmental, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The company can provide repair, maintenance, and validation activities on Agilent GC, GCMS and LC hardware by a factory trained engineer, who is also an experienced analytical chemist. Additionally, they provide training services to smaller laboratories.

Researcher: Evangelia Tzelepi

Evangelia Tzelepi graduated from the University of Bath with an MRes in Chemistry, having already acquired a four-year BSc in Chemistry focusing on Chemical Analysis and Environment from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Principal research interests include the field of analytical chemistry, environmental pollution monitoring and water/wastewater treatment.

Project supervision

  • Bowland Analytical Support
  • Lancaster University

Tue 12 June 2012