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Development of an in-house wireless radio system to monitor & control devices inside buildings

In a world where energy costs are increasing and climate change and CO2 emissions are negatively impacting on the environment, governments around the world are working hard to tackle such global issues. Invisible Systems has recently developed a wireless radio system to monitor and control the operation of major energy appliances and devices (such as boilers) inside buildings. This project will develop the in-house developed system into a competitive eco-innovative product, moving towards implementing the idea of smart buildings around the world.

Invisible Systems Limited

Invisible Systems provide turn-key solutions, from HVAC controls to energy monitoring and targeting. They manufacture and install wireless products, including web software. Clients range from government organisations to network providers such as National Grid, for some of whom they have reduced energy consumption up to 50%.

Researcher: Sheng Yuan

Sheng Yuan graduated from he University of Liverpool with a first class degree from the department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. Currently, he works in the High Frequency Research Group in the University of Liverpool to develop a smart home/building based on advanced wireless communication technologies in cooperation with Invisible Systems.

Project supervision

  • Invisible Systems Ltd
  • University of Liverpool

Mon 21 May 2012