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Electrochemical studies of the sodium metal-chloride battery

Motive power without fossil fuel consumption depends critically on the availability of batteries that meet modern needs regarding vehicle range, power, life and cost. All present battery chemistries fall short in most of these characteristics. The sodium metal-chloride battery is a promising candidate; however the energy available is limited by various design features and by the characteristics of the cathode. This project will use high-temperature electrochemical measurements to understand the electro-kinetics of the cathode and prototype cells will be constructed to demonstrate whether the improved understanding of the core chemistry can be translated into enhanced cell performance.

Ionotec Limited

Ionotec Ltd is a manufacturer of ion-conductive ceramics and carries out contract research and development on rechargeable sodium batteries for energy storage based on beta alumina solid electrolytes. The company has been trading for 17 years and has major clients in Germany, China, Korea and Brazil.

Researcher: Stephen Hughes

After a master's degree in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University, Stephen returned to the University of Liverpool where he previously studied for a Master of Physics degree. Working with Ionotec Ltd researching battery technology using electrochemical methods, he is passionate about the project and dedicated to reduce society's environmental impact.

Project supervision

  • Inotec Ltd
  • University of Liverpool

Mon 21 May 2012