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Development of GIS for design and management of biodiversity in complex redevelopment sites

The conservation of biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides is a crucial element associated with sustaining environmental and human health and wellbeing. This project focuses on the design, development and application of a Geographical Information System (GIS) to assist in the strategic creation of habitats for protected species on a former industrial site. GIS techniques will be used as well as spatial modelling techniques. The research will set a bench mark for best practice that will be applied to the protection of species, maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity of other remediation sites.

Solum Environmental Limited

Solum Environmental is a specialist, tight-knit group of professional ecologists and soil consultants focused entirely on ecology, biodiversity and soils. They advise clients on ecological compliance throughout the development process, working hard to ensure that biodiversity issues are integrated at every stage of the development process, from feasibility through to completion.

Researcher: Greg Wood

After gaining a BSc in Earth Systems Science from Keele University in 2009, Greg Wood modelled habitat connectivity using GIS for Natural England. In 2010, he worked to improve the spatial accuracy of South Staffordshire Council's planning GIS before taking a programming position at Cheshire Data Systems Limited.

Project supervision

  • Solum Environmental Ltd
  • Lancaster University

Mon 21 May 2012