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Development of tools for modelling and assessment of land-use change

There is a market for a robust service and methodology to ascribe economic values to proposed green infrastructure (GI) provision, and to enable improved modelling and assessment of land-use change. This project aims to develop a product that integrates GI mapping, evolved from the application of current spatial analysis software with economic assessment tools, which can be used to model how GI services impact on land-use change (GI-VAL). The tool will be sector-leading, providing economic data on the services provided by GI that will support decision making at all levels.

Community Forests North West

Community Forests North West is a not-for-profit company, which aims to create high quality environments for millions of people by revitalising derelict land, providing new opportunities for leisure, recreation, and cultural activities, enhancing biodiversity, preparing for climate change and supporting education, healthy living and social and economic development.

Researcher: Alexander Whitehouse

Originally from Stockport, Alexander Whitehouse studied for a BA in Town Planning at Sheffield Hallam University before moving to the University of Liverpool to continue with the subject at masters level. His research interests include environmental conservation and applied GIS.

Project supervision

  • Community Forests North West
  • University of Liverpool

Mon 21 May 2012