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Increase yield and control of final oxide mix while removing intermediate production stages

2DHeat has a patent pending for a thick-film technology for novel, energy efficient, electric heating elements, which it is licensing to white goods manufacturers for use in mainstream domestic appliances. The technology uses mixed metal oxide powder preparations derived from Ni Cr Fe mixtures. The aim of this project is to increase the yield and control of the final metal oxide mix while eliminating intermediate production stages. It involves expertise in high temperature oxidation and micro-structural characterisation, using state-of-the-art electron microscopy and alaysis facilities. The principal eco-benefit will result in the abatement of GHG emissions from appliances using our technology.

2DHeat Limited

2DHeat are a research and development company commercialising their innovative, patent pending, multi-application 'flat' electric heating elements, through technology licensing arrangements. Their breakthrough technology has potential to revolutionise appliance designs in virtually all sectors where conventional coiled-wire elements are currently used.

Researcher: Mark Duffield

Mark Duffield studied Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Liverpool, graduating with first class honours in July 2012. Attracted by the opportunity to pursue interests in metallurgy and electron microscopy, he is working with 2DHeat on the development of an innovative thick-film technology for the production of electric heating elements.

Project supervision

  • 2DHeat Ltd
  • University of Liverpool

Mon 21 May 2012