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To develop LCS porous metals with novel structures for optimum heat exchange performance

The Lost Carbonate Sintering (LCS) process is a patented process developed at the University of Liverpool for manufacturing micro-porous metals with controlled pore size and porosity. The project aims to develop LCS porous metals with novel structures for optimum heat exchange performance, optimising LCS conditions to create tailored porous structures and investigating the effects of structural parameters on the heat transfer coefficient. This will lead to production and commercialization of LCS porous metals for thermal management applications.

Versarien Limited

Versarien is a high technology, high-value materials manufacturer specialising in the commercialisation of innovation; developing products for the real world.

Versarien manufactures porous metals that exhibit superb heat transfer, with a rapidly expanding work force of highly skilled individuals working together to drive the enterprise forward on a global scale.

Researcher: Jan Baloyo

Jan Baloyo completed a BSc(Hons) Biomedical Materials Science at the University of Nottingham before her passion for science led her to study an MSc(Eng) Advanced Engineering Materials at the University of Liverpool. Jan believes that success is greatest when one takes pleasure in what she is doing.

Project supervision

  • Versarien Ltd
  • University of Liverpool

Mon 21 May 2012