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An expert system service for sustainable planning in the renewable energy sector

Entrust is seeking to expand its services. This project aims to achieve that goal by developing a GIS-based planning framework that encompasses all aspects of both the UK and EU's renewable energy planning process. The software will contain the relevant planning, economic, environmental and social data necessary to assess the optimal location of new RE model, an innovative framework that will provide developers with the required planning information in an area by reason of environmental, social and economic conditions.

Entrust Professional Services Limited

Entrust is a leading planning and environmental consultancy in the renewable energy and telecommunications sectors. They have provided a range of services on 200 onshore wind, 150 solar and 50 telecoms projects across the UK & Ireland. Entrust provides a range of solutions for the different sectors in which they operate.

Researcher:Yogeswaran Sundaramurthi

Yogeswaran Sundaramurthi began his studies in aerospace and aeronautics at Anna University, India, which sparked his interest in sustainable planning on renewable resources for the current and future energy needs. Based at the University of Liverpool, he is focused upon improving wind turbine technology to contribute to a greener planet.

Project supervision

  • Entrust Professional Services Ltd
  • University of Liverpool

Mon 21 May 2012