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ECO@Home - energy control at home

A home automation system allows you to monitor living spaces and to control elements such as lighting and heating. Currently, home automation systems are used for convenience of the occupants. The aim of this project is to design a home automation controller with the ability to carry complex energy management algorithms that are simple to configure and to use. The design will highlight the technology's tremendous potential to control and reduce energy consumption of residential properties.

DemoPad Software Limited

DemoPad Software is recognised globally as one of the most qualified home automation control companies. They produce software and hardware solutions for the audio, visual, lighting, HVAC & automation industries, as well as mobile applications to enable users to control and monitor their home/business over an IP network.

Researcher: Alex King

Alex King graduated from Lancaster University in 2012 with a first class degree in Computer Science. He is currently working towards a PhD in Computer Science at Lancaster, with a focus on home automation technology and wireless sensor networks.

Project supervision

  • Demopad Software Ltd
  • Lancaster University

Mon 21 May 2012