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Stoichiometry manipulation of inorganic compounds to function as near-infrared absorbers

The huge growth of digital printing has fuelled a need for sustainable alternatives to ink-jet printing, such as inkless digital printing which uses a system based on light initiated colour change reactions. This has driven a demand for materials that absorb near-infrared radiation. This project will investigate the ability of a variety of sustainably sourced inorganic compounds to function as near-infrared absorbers by manipulating their stoichiometry. A variety of inorganic compounds will be designed, synthesised and characterised, leading towards further testing in ink formulation and laser imaging testing,

Datalase Limited

Datalase is a VC backed materials company located in Widnes, Cheshire, with a portfolio of products and IP in the field of colour change technology. Datalase proprietary pigments are formulated into inks which are coated on to FMCGs and then imaged and coded using a laser.

Researcher: Rachel Coulter

Originally from Belfast, NI, Rachel Coulter studied Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. She worked in a research laboratory in Lille, France as an Erasmus student and graduated in 2011 with a MChem. Her academic eye is focused upon supramolecular chemistry; however she is currently interested in inorganic chemistry.

Project supervision

  • Datalase Ltd
  • University of Liverpool

Fri 11 May 2012