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Modelling and engineering design for improved energy efficiency in an optimised grow cell

The Grow Cell project has the potential to change the way that we produce our food crops, reducing the carbon footprint and natural resources used. When compared to conventional greenhouses, the energy requirements, water consumption and carbon emissions are lowered in an optimally designed closed system. This project will deliver a demonstration Grow Cell, capable of producing sustainable food crops. No matter what the outside ambient conditions are, the Grow Cell will produce crops with up to 95% less water and 25% less energy cost, on 1/20th of the land used in conventional growing methods.

NP Structures Limited

NP Structures specialise in the design and manufacture of structures for applications in the horticultural, retail, leisure, agricultural and construction industries. Their range of structures is extensive, including single span and multi span polytunnels, walkways, and buildings.

Researcher: Ioannis Tsitsimpelis

Ioannis Tsitsimpelis received his Bachelor degree in Automation at the Technological Educational Institution of Chalkida, Greece. He recently finished his MSc in Mechatronics Systems Engineering at Lancaster University and he is currently researching on environmental modelling and control design of enclosed environment horticultural facilities.

Project supervision

  • NP Structures Ltd
  • Lancaster University

Fri 11 May 2012