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Advanced filter design and production

Pumps and pumping systems in use in the UK consume approximately 13% of all electrical energy. This project aims to optimise the design and manufacture of high flow conical in-line filters and associated products, exploiting additive manufacturing technology (Selective Laser Melting) as well as new materials and product process development. The outcome will address the critically important need to reduce the energy demand of pump and filtration systems.

Croft Filters Limited

Croft Filters has supplied critical components to industry sectors across Europe and beyond for over 25 years, amassing vast knowledge and experience in delivering effective and practical filtration solutions at speed. Croft's success has been driven by its commitment to listen to customers and consistently provide fast, agile service.

Researcher: Bhavani Vijayakumar

Bhavani Vijayakumar is a Chemical Process Engineer who received her Bachelor of Technology from the University of Madras and MSc in Engineering from Queen's University Belfast. Following her work as a Research Assistant, Bhavani's interests lie in environmental pollution control and sustainability, design engineering and renewable energy.

Project supervision

  • Croft Engineering Services Ltd
  • Lancaster University

Fri 11 May 2012