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Developing technology for a low-cost, power free renal therapy device

Dialysis is one the most energy and resource greedy of treatments in today's healthcare system. This project will develop technology for a novel medical device that has the potential to revolutionise kidney dialysis treatment and reduce the environmental impact of current treatment methods.

Renephra Limited

Renephra is a medical device development company developing a ground breaking technology address the significant problems of fluid overload and chronic oedema in vascular, oncology and other disease areas. This is a substantial patient group with unmet clinical needs and is an estimated £3billion market worldwide. The Renephra patented Fluid Removal Device uses micro-needle technology combined with negative pressure therapy to access and remove excess interstitial fluid from the skin (video link). Recently Renephra achieved proof of concept in humans and is now engaged in a major equity fundraising to fund product development and design and clinical validation to regulatory approvals.

Visit the Renephra website

Kike Moronkeji

Kike Moronkeji welcomed the opportunity to be part of an exciting, novel project to develop a renal therapy device with Renephra. Although her background is in the aerospace sector, with a BEng and MSc in Aeronautical Engineering, she is keen to apply her engineering knowledge to a biomedical problem.

Project supervision

  • Renephra Ltd
  • University of Liverpool

Tue 24 April 2012