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Optimisation of productivity and resource use efficiency in vertical farming

There is a need to produce 70% more food by 2050 to feed the increasing global population. However, the potential to increase the area of crops grown is limited. This project will investigate the use of an innovative crop production system to extend plant growth into the vertical dimension (vertical farming). It divides the growth environment into three zones (aerial, rhizosphere, and core) which can be manipulated independently. The ambition is to address how these zones can be manipulated to optimise the productivity and efficiency of resource use, increasing the crop growing capacity per unit of available land and offering triple planting density.

Saturn Bioponics Limited

Saturn Bioponics provides innovative vertical growing products and solutions designed for maximum production per available footprint of land. Their main focus is sustainable, long term solutions to meet the global demand for quality food using fewer resources.

Researcher: Richard Boyle

Richard Boyle graduated from the University of Dundee with a 2:1 in Zoology, and an MRes in Agricultural and Plant Science. He is enthusiastic and motivated with a passion for science, which drove him towards studying for his PhD in vertical agriculture and plant physiology.

Project supervision

  • Saturn Bioponics Ltd
  • Lancaster University

Mon 02 April 2012