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Optimising nutrient use efficiency in crop production

Calcium is an essential plant nutrient and is crucial to ensure both the quality and value of crops. Plant Impact have developed a technology to improve calcium uptake and retention in plant tissues. This interdisciplinary project will exploit novel imaging technologies to track calcium movement at the cellular level, with the ultimate aim of optimising the efficacy of novel agrochemicals in order to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture systems that rely on the use of calcium containing products.

Plant Impact Plc

Plant Impact is a technology led company focused on crop enhancement. Their products reduce plant stress, increase marketable yield, improve produce quality, prolong shelf life and enhance overall profitability. Additionally, they provide effective solutions for major food issues which are tailored to meet specific market needs.

Researcher: Holly Butler

Originally from Wolverhampton, Holly Butler graduated in June 2012 with a first class honours degree in Biological Sciences with Biomedicine from Lancaster University. For her dissertation project she employed infrared spectroscopy to interrogate biological samples, a technique that spearheads her current work.

Project supervision

  • Plant Impact Plc
  • Lancaster University

Mon 02 April 2012