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Novel approaches to sustainable pest control through light manipulations

Pest and disease management in intense agricultural systems has often been based almost exclusively on the application of pesticides. This project will investigate how potential new products that manipulate the light environment of crops grown in greenhouses or tunnels can contribute to sustainable pest control, reducing both crop damage and pesticide usage. The project combines fundamental crop and pest biology with direct, practical application of the technology in the major production areas of the Mediterranean rim and Middle East.

Arid Agritech Limited

Arid Agritec provides growers in areas challenged with arid climates access to the latest knowledge and techniques in protected crop production. They draw upon the expertise of a range of internationally renowned crop scientists to help ensure businesses develop as effectively as possible in the globally competitive market.

Researcher: Joseph Fennell

Originally from Oxfordshire, Joseph Fennell studied Biological Science at Lancaster University before embarking on a PhD. Following an internship and undergraduate research project in sustainable agriculture, his current research interests are related to the interaction of light and the crop ecosystem.

Project supervision

  • Arid Agritec Ltd
  • Lancaster University

Mon 02 April 2012