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Using bio-manipulation to optimise nutrient management within intensive farm systems

Agricultural production in the future may be increasingly limited by the cost and availability of inorganic nutrient resources; consequently, organic forms of nutrients will play a key role in maintaining production and could be enhanced within many farm systems. This project will evaluate whether novel biological amendments (microbial and enzyme inoculations) can be used to increase the value of organic sources of nutrients on intensive livestock farms. This form of bio-manipulation can improve the availability of plant nutrients within soils, whilst at the same time reducing the potential for water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from farms.

EnviroSystems UK Limited

EnviroSystems is becoming a market leader within the agricultural industry, providing farmers with access to innovative, cost effective products and solutions that simplify tasks and maximise the efficiency and profitability of farms and improving animal welfare.

Researcher: Vito Abbruzzese

Vito Abbruzzese graduated from Federico II University of Naples with an integrated MSc in Biological Sciences. Last year he achieved a MSc in Contaminated Land and Remediation at Lancaster University, and has remained within Lancaster's academic community to pursue his interest in environmental microbiology.

Project supervision

  • EnviroSystems UK Ltd
  • Lancaster University

Mon 28 May 2012