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Strategies for resilient and sustainable integrated catchment management

Currently, water companies are cautious about the uptake of new tools and services across the water cycle, since there is limited quantitative information and it tends to be on a small scale. This project aims to develop strategies for resilient and sustainable integrated catchment management in the face of uncertain future change through modelling the future risks to the physical infrastructure of the system arising from environmental forcings. The ambition is to contribute robust and adaptive economic strategies for catchment management, which will have applications within the water industry planning cycles

JBA Consulting

JBA Consulting is a leading environmental engineering consultancy working to enhance the built and natural environment, especially the water environment, on behalf of clients in the public and private sectors. They fund the JBA Trust to promote open research and development in hydrological science and river catchment management.

Researcher: Peter Metcalfe

Peter Metcalfe received an honours degree in Maths from Durham University and an MSc in Computing and Physics from Newcastle University. Being self-employed for almost 15 years, Peter developed novel design and rating tools for the process engineering and aerospace industries with worldwide industrial and academic partners.

Project supervision

  • JBA Consulting Ltd
  • Lancaster University

Tue 24 April 2012