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Developing eco-friendly radio absorbing materials for anechoic chambers

An anechoic chamber is a large room lined with radio absorbing materials (RAMs) on the walls, floor and ceiling to simulate the free space environment - no echoes are generated; thus all outdoor electromagnetic measurements can be conducted inside a comfortable indoor environment, which is not subject to any interference. However, the RAM is expensive and not environmentally friendly. This project aims to develop an eco-friendly RAM, and build an anechoic chamber design tool which will minimise the use of RAM but maximise the performance for given conditions, leading to wide use in the electrical and electronics industry.

Rainford EMC Systems Limited

Rainford EMC is a global leader in the design, manufacture, installation and testing of Anechoic and Shielded Chamber solutions for EMC, RF, microwave and antenna applications. With representation across Europe, Asia and America, their solutions have been installed at many global and independent test houses, as well as numerous in-house facilities.

Researcher: Qian Xu

Qian Xu received BSc and MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, before working as an Application Engineer in CST China. His interests are mainly focused upon computational electromagnetics and anechoic chamber design, which he pursues in the High Frequency Research Group at the University of Liverpool.

Project supervision

  • Rainford EMC Systems
  • University of Liverpool

Mon 28 May 2012