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3 year Funded Eco Innovation Phds open for application

Graduates have until 4th June to apply for one of 50 exclusive industry-based three year funded PhDs from the Centre for Global Eco-innovation, a partnership between Lancaster University, the University of Liverpool and international commercialisation consultancy Inventya Ltd.

22 of the 3 year Funded Eco-Innovation Phds are now advertised online and open for application and more are being added on each week.

The centre - designed to bolster the region's economy in key export markets and drive forward improvements in green technology and services - brings together the expertise, resources and global contacts of Lancaster University and the University of Liverpool, together with international commercialisation consultancy Inventya Ltd.

The centre is to receive £4.9m of funds from the European Regional Development Fund's North West operational programme. The centre will form collaborative research and development partnerships to enable and drive innovation in businesses.

Businesses are matched with 50 of the UK's brightest graduates who will complete three-year research and development projects in partnership with the business to develop new products, processes and services for the global marketplace that have positive environmental benefits. The graduates will use these collaborations as the basis of a PhD programme of study.

Project Manager Dr Phil Leigh said: "A number of businesses have already been partnered up with experts at Lancaster University and the University of Liverpool, kick starting some genuinely exciting possibilities. Our business and academic teams are already exploring new products and services with the potential to make a real difference to people's lives. These range from developing technology for a low-cost, power-free renal therapy device to techniques for future domestic energy control for low carbon buildings. We also have projects looking at new approaches to sustainable pest control using light and partners exploring technology for a novel transparent biopolymer that has the potential to revolutionise the design of contact lenses and corneal bandages."

The Centre for Global Eco-innovation is the only centre of its kind in Europe and is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Tue 15 May 2012