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Oil industry problems addressed in new collaboration

Scaled Services Ltd have recently successfully applied for funding toward the development of biodegradable scale inhibitor for use in the oil industry where the precipitation of minerals such as barite, BaSO4, and calcite, CaCO3, presents a major problem.

Andrew Millar, director of Scaled Services, views the environmental benefits of the project as substantial with global reach:

'In 2007, over 450 million tonnes of produced water were discharged into the British and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea. This represents a serious environmental impact due to the chemicals found in produced water.

'So far in 2013 there have been 103 accidental chemical discharges in the British sector of the North Sea alone. The development of environmentally friendly scale inhibitors will reduce the impact of accidental discharge within the industry which despite efforts to move to zero discharges still has some way to go. The oil and gas industry must maintain and increase production to meet global demand and this increased demand forces the industry into more challenging environments where accidental discharges could potentially have larger environmental impacts. It is therefore essential to develop new environmentally friendly inhibitors which are effective in these extreme environments to help negate the environmental impact.'

The company is already gaining assistance via a collaboration with the University of Liverpool through the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation, which is the only centre of its kind in Europe and is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund. If your business needs research help with an innovative project that could deliver economic or environmental benefit, please contact

Mon 03 March 2014