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This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Centre objectives

The Centre for Global co-innovation has been formed with the following objectives:
  • Increase the innovation performance of the regions SMEs.
  • Increase the level of collaboration between SMEs and universities.
  • Capitalise on the use of graduate talent to overcome low levels of absorptive capacity in SMEs.
  • Increase the export performance of the regions SMEs in markets for low carbon and environmental goods and services.
  • To increase the economic performance of the region.
  • To deliver significant savings in greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste and material use.

Demonstrating the benefits of R&D

By providing structured and supported collaboration, the centre supports business growth and helps companies overcome barriers to innovation identified by Government. The centre also acts as a significant demonstrator of the benefits R&D collaborations between universities and small-to-medium sized businesses.